BiKBBI hosts vital webinars on installers returning to work safely

Over 3,200 people attended a webinar last week, organised by The British Institute of Kitchen, Bedroom & Bathroom Installation (BiKBBI), on how installers can return to work safely and stick to government guidance.

The session looked at practical measures that installers should take when returning to work and how their adoption of safe operating procedures can help to stimulate the market. The BiKBBI said these measures give peace of mind to consumers, as well as safeguard the health and safety of the installers themsleves, their co-workers and the customers they serve.

The 50-minute webinar will be repeated weekly over the next three weeks, and is open to the entire industry for free of charge.

BiKBBI retail officer Tanya Duffy said: “It’s incredibly important that retailers understand the concerns that their customers may have and that the provision of a safe showroom environment is just part of the assurance consumers will need as we leave the safety of lockdown

“Most people will now view their homes as a place of safety and somewhere the virus cannot penetrate easily. The thought of allowing tradespeople into their safe place may very well be a step too far for many and therefore influence their decision to shelve the project. This would be devastating for our industry. Anything the industry can do to provide peace of mind around installation is critical in our opinion and therefore this is a new phase our organisation will enter – and that is regardless of whether the retailer offers installation or not”.

For more information about the forthcoming webinars, including registration instructions, visit

Download the one page guidance on installers returning ot work HERE.

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