Clients ‘very relaxed’ about home visits say retailers

Leading kbb retailers are reporting that clients are not as bothered by social distancing rules as expected when allowing designers into their homes for consultations.

As the remaining kbb retail showrooms still closed prepare to open next week, those that have been open for some time have begun to visit potential clients’ homes for new project discussions.

Speaking on social media, Stuart Parry, md of Purple Kitchens on Merseyside, said: “Been doing appointments – safely – for the past few weeks and all customers that I am speaking with are very relaxed about things. We have to bring it to the forefront of the conversation whether that be in the showroom or at home. Having said that, I would suspect if they were that concerned in the first place, then you wouldn’t be invited out to their homes.”

Parry also said the number of recent enquires and appointments was ‘unbelievable’.

Kelly Roden, owner of Meliora Kitchens, Bedrooms and Bathrooms in Doncaster said: “Yes we’re doing home visits and clients are much more relaxed than we expected but we prompt them gently and they’re all ok with it. We take plenty of PPE.”

Danny Wood, owner of Burlanes Interiors in Sevenoaks said: “We are also finding clients to be very relaxed and, in fact, they have to be reminded that we must social distance.”

And Tony Robson of DayTrue in London said: “We have found clients to be very ‘loose’ when it comes to health and safety both at home and showrooms, it general it has to be pushed and instigated by us, rather than them demanding it!”

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