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save our high street

Can we save our high streets?

The Government has pledged its commitment to rejuvenate Britain’s ailing high streets after years of decline. Vicki Evans explores its policy paper Build Back Better High Streets and investigates what it might mean for KBB retailers…  [30-9-2021]

Tackling the recruitment crisis

There’s a huge increase in demand, bulging order books and new customers on the horizon, but you don’t have the designers or installers you need. Vicki Evans investigates the KBB recruitment crisis and finds that there may not be a quick fix. [1-9-2021]

Retailers: embrace new ways or lose sales

Retailers who have embraced digital and hybrid models of retailing are thriving while those that haven’t are falling behind, according to Simon Bodsworth MD of Daval Furniture. [30-6-2021]

Recording – just for the record

Darren Taylor, MD of Searle and Taylor in Winchester, warns of the perils of letting clients record virtual design consultations [2-3-2021]