27 – Consumer psychology and Hansgrohe

This is episode 27 of The kbbreview Podcast.

Welcome to The kbbreview Podcast from Taylist Media, this is episode 27 and your host as always is managing editor Andy Davies.

First we have the view from one of the biggest brands in the sector- Hansgrohe – and we’re chatting to UK managing director Jay Phillips. How does he see the market right now and what will happen in the future?

And we have Phillip Adcock, an expert in the psychology of shoppers and how retailers can steer their brains into thinking what you want them to think – in the most positive possible way of course – to make a series of marginal gains in terms of how confident they are in buying from you. Absolutely fascinating stuff.

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You can find out more about Hansgrohe in the UK here

And you can find Phillip Adcock’s site here

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