Hired Save Our Skills candidates praise the campaign

Job seekers who have taken part in kbbreview’s Save Our Skills campaign have been describing how the initiative has directly found them a new role or helped them boost their confidence after being made redundant.

Save Our Skills was started by kbbreview to try and stop the industry losing the knowledge and experience of people through the inevitable redundancies caused by the coronavirus lockdown.

At its core is a weekly email that showcases the skills and knowhow of the candidates taking part.

The scheme, which is sponsored by Quooker, has seen over 50 people have been involved in the scheme since its launch and, so far, half of them have secured new roles since being made redundant.

Chris Seymour, who recently started as a senior designer at InStil Design in Oxford, said: “The Save Our Skills campaign was, and still is, a fantastic initiative. I was employed as a direct result of it and couldn’t be happier.”

And Jim Watson also found a new role through the Save Our Skills showcase:

“After being made redundant early March then going straight into lockdown, things didn’t look to positive for a, shall we say, mature sales manager but with all credit to this fantastic initiative I have accepted a senior role with Avanti Kitchens running their Scottish operation. This came directly from Save Our Skills so keep the faith everyone.”.

Stuart Wilson, who will soon be the starting a new job, said: “I couldn’t believe the attention the Save our Skills campaign brought to my profile.  Suddenly I had views from a high number of recruiters and companies, not to mention old friends and colleagues supporting me too. I had numerous conversations and several interviews which finally resulted in a new role.  Many thanks to the campaign for re-building my confidence and helping me get back into work.”

Not all Save Our skills candidates have found new roles directly through the campaign, but many have said that it gave them confidence and hope during a very difficult time.

Marilo Atienza, designer at The Bath Works in Bournemouth, said: “The kbbreview Save Our Skills campaign really gave me hope. It was massive support when I was seeing my professional future completely dark. A company from London called me, I while it wasn’t right for me, afterwards I was totally convinced that more would come and my mood got a better. Finally, my old company called me back as part-timer and three weeks later updated my contract to full time.

“The campaign really helped me to get through the uncertain times with a positive mindset. Thank you so much for your support, you are really doing something good here.”

Shaun Payne, who starts a new job on September 1, agreed: “I’m about to start a new role and, though it’s not come directly through the kbbreview Save Our Skills campaign, I cannot thank you enough for your support. It gave me back the feeling that I was not alone and had not been simply cast adrift by the industry that I love.

“Knowing that someone could see the years of experience that was being lost gave me hope and the will to continue trying to stay within kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms.”

You can see all the current Save Our Skills candidates here 

And if you, or someone you know, has been made redundant from any role in the kbb industry then you could be featured on the Save Our Skills showcase. Simply read this Q&A and follow the instructions.


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