Ripples diversifies with new range of body and home products

Bathroom retailer Ripples has launched Kind – a range of body and home products that are vegan, natural and ethically made in the UK. The range of luxury products aims to elevate the Ripples brand and expose it to a wider audience.

This is the first time that Ripples has launched a brand extension. The company believes this is the right time to be launching these products, as there is high demand for eco-friendly products. The collection includes candles, diffusers, hand and body wash, shampoo and body soap bars.

The new brand will be available to purchase online from December 1. At a later stage, the products will be available to purchase direct from the franchise’s showrooms. Gift sets will be given to customers at the end of a project to help them relax into their new bathroom.

Nicola Crow, sales director, and Paul Crow, managing director, said: “We believe that by dipping our toes into the luxury beauty market, we are elevating and exposing Ripples to a new audience.

“We are by no means the experts in beauty, however we are experts in understanding how the consumer uses their bathroom and home and so Kind by Ripples is another way in which we can demonstrate that. It shows we understand our audience, their aesthetic taste, eco-conscious minds and love for interiors.”

The company has done a significant amount of research into what products they want to produce to diversify their brand. When surveyed, Ripples’ own customers said that they wanted home and body products that are sustainable, vegan and ethical.

Ripples has 17,400 followers across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. The company has seen an increase in social media followers and interest in the Ripples brand over the past couple of months.

Paul Crow and Nicola Crow said: “We also recognised that our digital audience was growing significantly and we are consistently seeing a much higher rate of daily engagement, so we felt the timing was right to capitalise on their interest in Ripples.”

Paul Crow and Nicola Crow visited trade fairs to find the right partner to work with on this project. The products are natural and ethically produced in the UK and the company even uses solar power to reduce its reliance on the electricity grid and reduce its energy footprint.

The products are all paraben- and SLS-free, so, for example, when you burn the candles, they are safe to breathe in. The packaging is made from recycled glass, plastic and cardboard. The range has seven therapeutic scents, including sweet orange, rosemary to wild fig and olive.

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