Häcker invests in the future with new factory after ‘excellent’ 2020 sales

German kitchen brand Häcker is celebrating “an excellent result” as figures for the 2020 full year show a growth in sales of 4.9% to €646 million (£538m).

The company also created 94 new jobs at its Rödinghausen base, where it currently has 1,855 employees.

Exports grew slightly and now account for around 37% of sales.

Häcker said that with its Rödinghausen plant approaching capacity, it had to bring its new factory in Venne in the Osnabrück region on line ahead of schedule.

The new Venne facility has a total of 212,000sq m and Häcker says that the cutting-edge plant will be used for the production of the Systemat and SystematART ranges.

During 2020, the company used its in-house exhibition in September to showcase its new Systemat 3.0 collection.

Said head of sales, marketing and controlling, Markus Sander: “With Systemat 3.0, we are offering our customers a fantastic package. An expanded range of services in the Systemat system at an attractive price – this offer opens up new opportunities for specialist dealers and provides consumers with many more options for their own dream kitchen.” 

Markus Sander, head of sales, marketing and controlling

Häcker also launched an online showroom so that visitors could explore the range virtually.

The company attributed part of its success and its export sales boost in 2020 to the introduction of the new Dark Steel series to its line-up of built-in appliances, manufactured for Häcker by Blaupunkt and h|tech.

The company is also celebrating its entire product portfolio being awarded the climate neutral label by the German Fokus Zukunft institute.

Commenting on the company’s commitment to various environmental and social projects, managing partner Jochen Finkemeier said: “Häcker thinks and acts in terms of sustainability. We have implemented many measures that allow us to make a valuable contribution to people and nature.”

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