HiB signs up four recruits to new apprenticeship scheme

Bathroom supplier HiB has launched a new apprenticeship programme as part of the HiB Academy scheme it introduced last year.

The apprenticeship scheme is aimed to new and existing employees of HiB and will cover various aspects of the business, including the warehouse, operations and supply chain.

Training is now under way for four apprentices – three are existing members of staff and HiB and one is a new recruit.

The latest to sign up is Edward Lomas who, along with the other three in this cohort, will achieve a Level 2 Supply Chain Warehouse qualification over the next 12 months.

Lomas said of the scheme: “I’m really interested in being able to learn new skills and get a wage at the same time. It gives me a chance to play an important role. Finding my way around the job was hard at first, but you have everyone around you to support you through. I think the trainers here are really helpful and explain the job in a way which is easy to understand and keep making the work challenging. I’ll get skills to do my job to the best possible standard while building my confidence and communication skills.”

Joining new recruit Lomas on this intake is existing HiB staff member and inbound operative John Giles. He added: “I decided to take on this apprenticeship because it really appealed to me. I am always one to try new things and want to gain as much knowledge and experience as possible. The more experience I gain the more I can progress within the company. The training has been great and I am all for giving back to this company everything they’ve helped so much with.”

The apprentices have now completed their fire marshal, first aid, fork lift truck and risk assessment courses.

Fellow apprentice, outbound operative Sophie Wardle-Hall said: “I decided to take on the apprenticeship to learn and excel in my job role. The apprenticeship will help me understand what happens in the warehouse and give me more confidence. My experience of the training at HiB so far has been very good.”

The fourth member of this intake, outbound operative Jake Gilmore, added: “I am looking forward to the sense of achievement at the end when I succeed. I hope it will be allow me to be a better individual and a better team player. I would say to someone thinking about an apprenticeship that they should go for it, as long as they give it 100% effort, learning can improve your future opportunities.”

The new apprenticeships are among a number of training and skills development opportunities offered to new an existing employees at HiB.

The company said it hopes to expand the programme in the future and recruit more apprentices to join the scheme.

Pictured top (left to right): Jake Gilmore, John Giles, Edward Lomas and Sophie Wardle-Hall

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