Grohe X launch week sees 68,000 visitors

The Grohe X digital experience hub, which went live last week, has attracted 68,000 visitors from 140 countries.

Grohe described the reaction to the new hub as “beyond their expectations”.

Said Jonas Brennwald, leader of parent company Lixil EMENA and co-CEO of Grohe AG, said: “We were blown away by the positive feedback from our customers, suppliers, and various other stakeholders as well as colleagues from Lixil around the globe.

“Grohe X is a true milestone in our brand history. It opens up unprecedented opportunities to experience Grohe and to discover our products and the topics that drive us. The digital journey we have embarked on with Grohe X has only just begun.”

Jonas Brennwald, leader Lixil EMENA and co-CEO GroheAG

The weeklong event featured more than eight events, including a keynote address for the media, a panel talk on consumer insights and a ‘deep-dive’ session on installer services. There were also discussions on Strategies for Future Living and Green Buildings aimed at architects and designers.

Emphasising its commitment to sustainability, Grohe also took the opportunity to reveal that it would be introducing its four best-selling products as Cradle to Cradle Certified variants. These products are produced in such a way that at the end of their life, all of their components can be used to create new products.

The Grohe X platform also offers how-to videos, helpful articles and 360° virtual rooms that allow visitors to see new product highlights and innovation.

Grohe X is intended to open up new ways of interacting. Business partners can schedule appointments with sales contacts and exchange information. This new idea to drive customer engagement has so far resulted in 4,000 customer meetings.

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