Johnny Grey to give keynote speech at Hettich Xperiencedays

Renowned designer Johnny Grey will deliver a keynote speech on the multigenerational kitchen at the Hettich Xperiencedays hybrid event on May 11.

The HettichXperiencedays, which started in March, run for several weeks at a time as a ‘hybrid’ programme. This means there will be physical presentations of new products and opportunities to visit the show in person. But these will be backed up with numerous virtual formats for those who prefer not to attend. These will combine a “mix of information, inspiration, show elements and networking opportunities”.

A trained architect, Grey has designed kitchens for more than 40 years and has written numerous articles and books about their design, focusing on the balance between practical demands and aesthetic choices.

In his keynote presentation, Everything All The Time: Multigenerational Kitchen Living, Grey will discuss how kitchens have progressed from places of drudgery in the 19th century to a future where multigenerational kitchens can be social spaces for everyone, of any ability or age.

Grey will also talk about the research carried out by the National Innovation Centre for Ageing (NICA) and what people want from a multigenerational kitchen. He will also touch on well-being and biophilic design, highlighting the link between the designed and the natural environment.

In his address, Grey will present practical ideas based on ergonomics, soft geometry, behavioural prompts and discuss the merits of islands versus peninsulas, smart technology and post-Covid consumer behaviour.

Said Hettich UK marketing manager Colin Patterson: “We are delighted to have such a respected and admired designer as Johnny Grey join us on Hettich Xperiencedays, where interpretation of the world’s megatrends has been fascinating audiences since March this year. Johnny will make a great contribution to what has already been a fascinating journey, adding his take on accessibility and inclusivity to the story so far.”

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