Kevin McCloud headlines on Hettich Xperiencedays

Grand Designs host Kevin McCloud is to give a keynote presentation titled ”Tiny Homes and Living Spaces” on the highly successful hybrid event platform Hettich Xperiencedays on Tuesday 8th June at 6pm.

The amount of space available for new homes and renovations seems to be forever decreasing, so with designers and DIYers alike trying to get the most from what they have, McCloud will be sharing his thoughts on how to make an area feel more spacious using clever storage ideas, design inspiration and innovative thinking. He will share his experiences and expertise, highlighting the importance of creating a sense of space using colour, design and lighting.

”Kevin McCloud’s presentation is entertaining, thought-provoking and highly recommended,” said Hettich UK marketing manager Colin Patterson. ”The level of speakers on Hettich Xperiencedays has been very impressive. Kevin McCloud and Johnny Grey a couple of weeks ago are among the most familiar to a UK audience, but contributions from leading designers, futurologists and influencers from around the world have made this one of the most outstanding initiatives in the kitchen industry to date.”

For more information, please contact Hettich UK by emailing [email protected] or calling 0161 872 9552.

Hettich is a family business which dates back more than 125 years and is today a global organisation, with turnover exceeding one billion Euros and more than 6,000 employees. Since 1988, Hettich has built a strong reputation in the UK for service, quality, and innovation. Its showroom in Salford is a focal point in the UK for kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom furniture innovation.

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