Kitchens International opens its first bathroom showroom

Kitchens International, a high-end kitchen retailer in Scotland, has opened its first bathroom showroom in Tillicoultry as part of a wider company plan to diversify its offering.

The move into the new market was in response to what it saw as uncertainty over what the KBB industry would look like in a post-pandemic world.

Paul O’Brien, director of Kitchens International, explained the move: “The idea came in the early stages of Covid when we didn’t know what the world was going to look like when we came out of it.

“There was a fear of us being committed to kitchens and having all our eggs in one basket. We have 25 years’ worth of reputation, clients and a marketplace. We wanted to have a secondary market to aid in the expansion of our product offering.”

The new showroom is a concession in a Stirling Furniture store and is next to an established Kitchens International kitchen showroom. The space became available and was previously a bathroom showroom, so it made sense for Kitchens International to take up the space.

Although bathrooms are a new market for Kitchens International, the customer profile it will be targeting will remain the same. Marketing manager Ross Craig explained: “Targeting a similar demographic to our current retail kitchen offering, our fresh and unique approach to the world of bathroom interiors will provide existing and future KI clients with a diverse range of products and services that are individually tailored to meet their needs.

“We are frequently asked by clients who are delighted with our service if we provide bathrooms or if we can provide a recommendation for a company that supplies bathrooms to a similar standard as our kitchens.”

The showroom has nine displays and has various designs, from bold dark bathrooms to sleek and bright settings. In the centre of the showroom is one of the main attractions – a bespoke spa and steam room.

At the centre of the showroom is a luxury Steamist spa enclosure to showcase at-home spa experience
Behind the bath is a raised shower area that features Silestone wall cladding. Lighting – including around the foot of the bath itself – helps brighten this futuristic display
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