Over half of retailers think ‘horrific’ supply problems are getting worse

The vast majority of KBB retailers think that the issues surrounding product availability are either not showing any signs of improvement or actually even getting worse.

In fact, in a social media poll, 54% said the problems were getting worse while 38% said it had remained static.

Stuart Parry, from Purple Kitchens in Liverpool, described the problems as ‘absolutley horrific’.

“It is now becoming an impossible task to manage,” he said. “With ever growing demand and yet no signs of things getting better, just worse. The worst thing is no one can give answers!”

Justine Bullock, co-owner of The Tap End in Pontyclun in South Wales, agreed saying the situation was a ‘nightmare’.

“We have been saying for the past two weeks that supplier communications are getting worse not better. Stock levels are worse now than at any other time during the pandemic and we have a number of suppliers who have taken to turning their phones off or putting a voicemail on saying their offices are on reduced staff so only take calls for X hours a day or week.”

And Rob Cole, the owner of Sheffield Sustainable Kitchens also confirmed the problem was affecting his business.

“It was bad already and it’s definitely getting worse with increasing costs, delays, and availability issues. It’s bad for the consumer and the business, not sure there’s a winner out there!”

Jamie Abbott, national contract sales manager at Uform, warned that he believed the situation will get worse before it gets better.

“That’s when I think things will come to a head,” he said “Supply lines are at their limits now. If you look at the usual busy period towards the end of the year, [that’s when] we will see bigger supply issues within the KBB market. Raw materials is still a big issue and I don’t see things changing for the next six to 12 months.”

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