Compusoft autumn design competition winners revealed

Compusoft has unveiled the best kitchen and bathroom spaces submitted by its customers for its latest design competition.

The autumn contest was open to designers using Compusoft’s Winner or Innoplus software.

The criteria for the kitchen side of the competition asked for designs that included inspiring kitchen islands – be it new and imaginative ways to use an island, or the use of different shapes or bold colours.

With the increase of urbanisation and shrinking living spaces, in the bathroom category the brief called for small bathrooms where the design includes adapting to the smaller space or using under-sized products.

Entries were submitted via Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn and the judging panel was made up of Taylist Media managing editor Andrew Davies, Compusoft managing director Alex Ainge, Kitchens Bedrooms & Bathrooms editor Lindsay Blair, and kbbreview editor Rebecca Nottingham.

The winning autumn kitchen design came from Silver Birch Interiors in Hamilton, South Lanarkshire.

“Just like in the previous Compusoft design competitions, we saw some incredible entries in this category,” said kbbreview editor Rebecca Nottingham. “Islands are a must-have for most modern kitchen designs, so we were looking for deigns that made the most of this feature. We loved the earthy tones in the Silver Birch Interiors kitchen and how the island complemented the rest of the room’s warm decor. The placement of the island creates the perfect space for entertaining.”

Interior designer, Nicola Leary of won the bathroom category with a design for a compact cloakroom with WC and washbasin.

Bathroom category winner: Nicola Leary

Commenting on the winning bathroom design, Nottingham said: “This was a really interesting category and many entries we looked at had fully understood the brief and showed real creativity in designing for a smaller space. Nicola’s winning entry included bold choices with maxi print wallpaper and chunky marble washbasin and vanity worktop.”

You can view all the entries on Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn by using #csdesigncomp. Both winners will receive a special hamper.

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