CIH appoints new CEO

Following the resignation of Guy Kinnell, Combined Independents (Holdings) (CIH) has appointed Paul Tyler (pictured) as its new chief executive.

Tyler will join CIH, which is part of the Euronics buying group, and will work alongside Euronics chairman, Steve Scogings to move the business forward in 2022.

Commenting on the new appointment, Scogings said: “Following a long and successful career with both BSH, Miele, and 10 years working as an independent electrical retailer, the board felt that Paul Tyler was the right choice to take on this extremely challenging but rewarding role.

“I hope you all agree that Paul will be an invaluable asset to the company and will help us move the company forward. His industry knowledge and passion for independent retailers has always been what has driven his career, and this is what attracted the board and I to him for the position.”

Scogings added: “Paul and I want to help CIH members continue their fantastic growth in the market as well as improving our online offering to the consumer both of which should grow our mutual business and continue our fantastic partnerships.”

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