Rotpunkt rolls out new sustainability strategy

German kitchen specialist Rotpunkt has launched its Together to Zero climate strategy from its stand at kbb Birmingham 2022, as part of its ongoing ‘brand evolution’.

In partnership with the new strategy is based on the 17 global goals of the UN for sustainable development of the Agenda 2039. It highlights what the brand has already achieved to make its business and manufacturing processes more environmentally-friendly but is a more realistic representation of its journey to net zero.

Speaking to kbbreview from its stand at kbb Birmingham Rotpunkt head of UK operations Matt Phillips (pictured) said: “We have been doing a lot to drive the business to carbon zero, but there are always elements that are out of your control. So, through our key sustainable targets, we feel this strategy better represents what we’ve already achieved, and what we’re aiming to achieve, in a more realistic way.

Matt Phillips, Head of UK Operations, Rotpunkt
Matt Phillips, Head of UK Operations, Rotpunkt

“We pride ourselves on having an open and transparent culture and believe that having both climate-friendly products and processes is a key USP, as consumers will want more accountability and responsibility from manufacturers before investing in big-ticket purchases in the future. 

“As the global pandemic recedes, we are planning the next stage of our brand evolution with Together to Zero. In line with increasing demand, a double-digit million-euro investment is planned to expand our headquarters in Bunde, in recognition of Rotpunkt’s stability in the kitchen industry and its home location in North-Rhine Westphalia.”

Despite being considered by manufacturers and analysts as one of the biggest issues that will affect the industry over the next 20 years, many independent KBB retailers say that the reality is that sustainability is not high on the consumer’s agenda when it comes to purchasing a kitchen or bathroom.

Commenting on this potential widespread lack of consideration amongst retailers and consumers about environmental issues Phillips said : “If we’d had this conversation two years ago, I might have agreed that the issue wasn’t registering with consumers. Now, though, it’s definitely a factor in key purchasing decisions. You only have to look at sales of electric cars now to see that the message is growing and we can also see it coming through into our industry.

“People are more conscious of the environment and, from a Rotpunkt retailer perspective, I know that they are using parts of our climate message to sell kitchens where they need to.”

He concluded: “Are most consumers likely to come into the showroom and kick off a conversation with a question about how environmentally-friendly the materials that the kitchen is made from are? The answer would be no. However, we know our partners are using the message to educate the customer about the consideration our brand has towards the environment and that is resonating with consumers. So, the message is getting through and awareness is definitely growing.” 

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