Cyncly: ‘AI can provide consumers with extraordinary experiences’

Software solutions specialist Cyncly has spoken out on why it thinks Artificial Intelligence (AI) will be a good thing for the KBB industry and consumers.

The newly-formed company – which was established last year following a merger of Compusoft, 2020 and Virtual Worlds – has stated that it believes the introduction of AI technology will prove to be very beneficial for the industry if used correctly.

Chief executive David Tombre said: “AI can open up new ways of interacting with large amounts of data and information to support designers, retailers, dealers and manufacturers. We believe that Cyncly is in a unique position to unlock the power of AI and lead in delivering new sources of value for the Spaces for Living industry.”

He continued: “We will harness the power of AI by leveraging our strengths: our unparalleled content and data repository, our deep vertical expertise built over decades, and the innovative capability of our global engineering team. These assets uniquely position Cyncly at the forefront of our industry, enabling our customers to provide consumers with highly personalised, extraordinary experiences.”

The company’s chief technology officer Hetal Shah added: “We see the power of AI going far beyond efficiency gains within a single tool. Our years-long investment in cloud-based content and our platform approach gives us a head-start in bringing use cases to market that deliver unmatched value for our customers.”

Last month, Virtual Worlds managing director Nathan Maclean announced that he was retiring following the integration of his team into Cyncly’s Kitchen, Bathroom & Furniture, retail business unit.

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