Bonus payments at record-breaking high for KBBG members

Martin Jones, director at Cwtch-Haus

The Kitchen Bathroom Buying Group (KBBG) has reported that his year has seen its highest ever bonus payout to members.

The buying group helps retail members have easier access to products from kitchen and bathroom suppliers, as well as a range of tailored benefits and services to support independent retailers, one of which is its annual bonus payment.

The KBBG says that the bonus payment is particularly important this year considering the natural reduction in new sales enquiries due to the rising cost of living. Similarly, in 2020, the KBBG supported its members by giving them their annual bonus earlier in the year, in an attempt to combat the disruption caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

KBBG’s managing director Bill Miller said: “Not only is this a record-breaking year for our annual bonus payments, it also marks 10 years since the KBBG launched in the UK. We were the first independent buying group, specifically for the KBB industry, to launch in the UK. It’s fantastic to see the KBBG go from strength to strength, and we can confidently say that our members are reaping the benefits of being part of the buying group.”

Martin Jones, director at Cwtch Haus, added: “As a member of the KBBG, we certainly take advantage of the exclusive offers and buying conditions available to us through the buying group. The ever-expanding list of suppliers is exciting, delivering further opportunities for us in the future too. The exclusive annual members bonus payment is an additional benefit and we were pleased to receive our highest payment to date. The cash injection is invaluable, enabling us to invest it back into the business and work towards even better results.”

kbbreview recently spoke to Miller about his time as managing director of the KBBG, to mark 10 years since the organisation was launched in the UK.

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