Caple issues urgent warning on gas hobs

Caple product health and safety warning

Appliance manufacturer Caple has issued an urgent safety warning about possible health and safety issues that may arise when using some of its gas hob models.

Caple says that it has identified a possible risk of a gas leak from the connecting elbow on specific products. The risks associated with these models are said to include inhalation poisoning, as well as the potential risk of fire or explosion.

According to the statement, the warning only applies to hobs manufactured after August 4, 2018. The affected products are Caple’s C749G, C750G, C767G, C768G, C774G, and C775G models.

Users can identify if their product is one of those affected by looking at the serial number located on the underside of the hob, or on the cover of the product’s instruction manual.

The serial number is comprised of three letters, followed by the month, year and day of the product’s production, which will help to identify which products were manufactured after August 2018.

The official advice from Caple is for consumers to check if their product is affected and arrange for an inspection if necessary.

The manufacturer also warned that consumers using the hobs in domestic properties should not attempt to disconnect them from the gas supply themselves and can continue to use the appliance so long as they remain vigilant while it is in use.

However, this doesn’t apply to consumers who are using the appliance in a caravan or motorhome, who are advised to stop using the product and disconnect it from the vehicle’s LPG cylinder.

Users who smell gas are advised to seek fresh air immediately and contact either the relevant National Gas Emergency service number for their area or a Gas Safe registered installer.

Those who own the at-risk products can arrange to have their models inspected for free, by contacting or by phoning 0800 041 8842.

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