Hotpoint reveals most unexpected things put in a dishwasher


To celebrate its Hydroforce dishwasher range, Hotpoint conducted a survey into the items that British consumers wash in their dishwashers.

More than 2,000 households were asked about their dishwasher habits, with almost half of the population reporting that they use the dishwasher to clean more items than just dishes and cutlery.

According to Hotpoint, the most commonly washed non-dish items were:

1.       Kitchen sponges;

2.       Soap trays;

3.       Toothbrush holders;

4.       Pet toys;

5.       Lego;

6.       Flip-flops;

7.       Shower heads;

8.       Non-electrical DIY tools;

9.       Makeup organisers;

10.    Toilet seats;

11.    Vacuum attachments;

12.     Combs.

Looking at the data, female respondents reported that sponges and soap trays were the non-dish items that they most commonly washed, and men said that Lego bricks and flip flops were their most commonly washed items.

Ranking at the 10th most commonly washed item on the list, 10% and 11% of London and Scottish respondents respectively confessed to putting their toilet seats into the dishwasher for a clean.

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