Moores donates kitchen to Yorkshire Cancer Research


Yorkshire-based kitchen manufacturer Moores has recently donated a complete kitchen to Yorkshire Cancer Research, which it says will help to complete the charity’s new Harrogate fitness and well-being centre.

The donation of the kitchen means that the Yorkshire Cancer Research will have more money to spend on supporting vital medical research, as well as a high-quality kitchen for the space.

The fitness and well-being centre was opened earlier this week, and is intended to offer fitness, nutrition and well-being programmes for cancer patients.

“We are extremely grateful to Moores for donating this fabulous kitchen,” said the charity’s director Juliet Glendinning. “Thanks to their generosity, we have been able to reduce the construction costs of our new centre.”

Moores head of marketing Julie Holliday added: “Our kitchen donation means that the charity’s funds can be spent elsewhere and used to support live-saving cancer research in Yorkshire. 

“Community is so important to Moores, and we regularly fund-raise or make kitchen donations to various local charities to reflect this. We’re particularly keen to support Yorkshire Cancer Research and the tireless work carried out by this amazing charity.”

Similarly, Moores also donated a kitchen to help improve the facilities at a local cricket club earlier this year.

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