Retailer raises money for West African village

West-London retailer, Kitchen Revolutions, recently supported a village in Benin, West Africa, by buying its residents a communal boat.

Thanks to the charity work undertaken by the Rotpunkt dealer, residents of the village will be able to use the boat for fishing, which will give them a better quality of life and promote self-sufficiency.

Kitchen Revolutions MD, Agnes Zmijewska said: “We are so proud that with one small change, we have had such a massive impact among the local villagers in Benin. As a first-world country, I believe we have a responsibility to offer support to the most vulnerable regions around the world and so providing a fishing boat, is just one example of how we’ve been able to deliver greater food security and self-reliance in West Africa.”

Rotpunkt’s head of UK operations, Matt Phillips, added: “Our avoid-reduce-compensate approach is inherent to all we do at Rotpunkt, which is why we absolutely love seeing the efforts of our retailers and the impact they’re having across the globe –massive props to Kitchen Revolutions! Like them, we are also involved in a series of sustainability projects in partnership with, where Rotpunkt supports hundreds of families in Kenya with efficient cookers.

“Currently, 849 Kenyans are already benefiting from better indoor air quality and more leisure time thanks to less time spent collecting firewood. In addition, these activities have preserved a forest area of 5.25 ha (equivalent to the size of 50 football fields) as a natural CO² reservoir!”

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