Showroom of the Month: Ridgeway Interiors, Gerrards Cross

‘Atmospheric’ and ‘luxurious’ are two words that sum up this showroom, and yet it still feels accessible. Francesca Seden

Situated in a prominent high street location in this affluent Buckinghamshire market town, Ridgeway Interiors attracts high-end developers and the well-heeled of the locale. 

As customers walk in, they are met with a dramatic modern, monochromatic ‘design-led’ Häcker Systemat display, and a friendly hello from the designers sat in the open-plan office section beyond. 

The showroom design is the work of kitchen designer Jim Harratt, who explains that because of the long, thin layout of the building, having a central office space was the best way to go. “We wanted to create this kind of story where customers come in, see the window display, then are greeted by us, and then the showroom kind of opens up towards the back.”

The showroom features four, reasonably-sized lifestyle displays at various price points, and kitchens start from £35,000. “We want customers to be able to visualise how these kitchens might look in their homes, and we wanted the showroom to feel luxurious, but not too expensive.” 

And although there are only four displays, Harratt explains that he and his team worked carefully with suppliers to ensure they made the most of the space they had. “For example, with the bespoke display there are different door styles within it,” he explains. “Each cabinet run has one door, there’s one door on the L-shape, and something different on the island and then there are three doors that look as though they’re carved into panelling on the half-height wall. And they are staple doors. So, we’ve managed to get all of those doors into a single display without kind of having door stands and doors kicking around.”

After the dark drama of the window display, is the ‘hero’ display, which by stark contrast is white and classically traditional. Harratt describes it as “grand” and it is also bespoke, as well as being luxuriously accessorised with hand-blown glass pendants and thoughtfully dressed with the pantry as a bar, and finishing touches such as the inset wine cooler.

Next to this is the office area with a media wall, featuring door samples either side, where clients can see their designs brought to life, with a space for mood boards above the TV. They can also enjoy a coffee made using the Siemens coffee machine, which – like most of the appliances on display – is fully operational and demonstrable.

Finally, at the back of the showroom are two displays – a Nobilia in muted green with gold accents, and a teal blue-green kitchen by U-Form, which is their entry-level display. 

Again, both of these displays are accessorised with great attention to detail, artwork on the walls and hardware and lighting by Buster & Punch and others. 

The atmospheric feel of the showroom was created by the lighting designer, who was brought on board largely because the space doesn’t get much natural light. 

Harratt concludes: “The result is this feeling of it always being evening, which is quite relaxing.” 

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