HiB predicts four major bathroom trends for 2024

Bathroom supplier HiB has released its latest guide to the four biggest trends it believes will be leading bathroom design in the year ahead.

The first of the four trends identified is a fondness for natural elements and tones, which HiB has titled ‘Exhale’. HiB says that this trend is characterised by stone finishes, rounded shapes and tactile textures, favouring refined simplicity over rustic elements.

Another trend has been titled ‘Euphoria’, and involves curves, fluted textures and geometric shapes to in the design of a space, which HiB says offers a sense of fluidity and movement. The supplier says that this style blends well with pinks, greyish blues and soft greens.

For consumers who are looking for a more edgy aesthetic, HiB forecasts a look which is titled ‘Elements’, and involves using darker neutrals and cool blues to create a “moody yet inviting atmosphere”. According to HiB, the look pairs well with weathered finishes, as well as a raw and textured brutalist look.

The fourth and final trend that HiB highlighted was a fondness for vintage glamour and art deco, which it has titled ‘Enamour’. The supplier said that this look embodies the philosophy of “less is more”, and encourages a clutter-free environment.

Jasmine Rowe, HiB product designer, said: “The 2024 bathroom trends from HiB showcase our commitment to pushing the boundaries of design while maintaining a strong connection with nature and elegance.

“These trends are not just about aesthetics, they are about creating immersive, personalised and practical bathroom experiences. We’re confident that we will see these trends used strongly in designs and be a key steer in bathroom styles throughout 2024.”

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