More homeowners planning to improve their kitchens, says survey

UK homeowners are more willing to invest in a new kitchen, confirming an increased confidence in the economy, new research has revealed.

The Kitchen Purchase Behaviour Consumer Insight Report No.2 from market intelligence company J M Blake Associates – which said that the UK kitchen market was expected to grow 18% to £4.1 billion by 2019.

The survey found that 1.9 million UK households had revamped their kitchens in the past year and that 55% were planning home improvements over the next year.

It also found that 32% of kitchen installations are now being carried out because the owner has had enough of their old kitchen.

As part of the kitchen renovations, homeowners are also seeking the help of a professional, with 67% of respondents using a professional planning and/or design service from a kitchen retailer or independent kitchen installer.

Space, or lack thereof, is the number one factor taken into consideration (36%) when thinking about a new kitchen. Following this, 20% took their young children into account, and dogs and large families both coming in third (12%).

In addition, 6% said they took into consideration the fact that they used the kitchen as an office space, which demonstrates the growing trend for multi-functional spaces as over 40% of kitchens currently double up as a home office or homework space.

Another trend identified in the report was the growing popularity of incorporating appliances into a new kitchen that were previously considered luxury or high-ticket items, such as steam ovens, boiling water taps, warming drawers and wine coolers.

Over the past three years, the smart kitchen has become a growing trend with 45% of connected kitchen appliances and functions being installed within the past six months.

However, despite this homeowners are still struggling to see the relevance or failing to understand how the concept works, which are the biggest barriers to sales of smart appliances. Almost 35% of respondents without any connected appliances or functions thought that smart technology was not relevant in their kitchen, and 23% didn’t know that smart technology for kitchens was available.

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