Bristan Group HQ completes “pivotal” solar panel installation

Kitchen and bathroom products manufacturer Bristan Group has successfully installed over 1,600 solar panels at its head office in Staffordshire.

The solar panels, which each weight 22kg, were fitted with help from the company’s energy partner, Evo Energy. The new panels are expected to generate over 600kw/hour of electricity, which could equate to CO2 savings of approximately 100,000kg each year.

Bristan says that the energy generated will be able to supply approximately 56% of the site’s electricity needs. In addition, Bristan Group plans to help its local community, as approximately 44% of the energy generated will be exported back to the grid through the Grid Repay Scheme.

Following the installation work, the facility successfully completed the switch to solar power on April 25, which the company called: “a pivotal moment in Bristan Group’s journey to net-zero”.

The installation project is part of Bristan’s wider sustainability initiatives to work towards an energy-efficient infrastructure, which it published in September of last year.

Paul Jones, facilities manager at Bristan Group, said the news was, “another impressive step in Bristan Group’s sustainability journey”.

He continued: “Having led on this project, I’m delighted to see the success of the installation and look forward to witnessing its impact on our carbon emissions. At Bristan Group, we remain committed to reducing our impact on the environment year-on-year through energy saving and renewable initiatives. This is a huge step forward for us, but there is still work to be done.”

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