KBBG announces exclusive partnership with KBSA

The Kitchen Bathroom Buying Group (KBBG) has announced a partnership with the Kitchen Bathroom Bedroom Specialists Association (KBSA), that will see KBBG members able to get a discount on KBSA membership.

The partnership was announced yesterday, as part of the KBBG’s annual conference, which took place in Leicester.

According to Bill Miller, MD of the KBBG, existing members of the organisation can apply for a 12 month KBSA membership, but at a 50% discount to usual fees. Miller says this affords KBBG members a saving of around £600. Miller said that in addition, the KBSA will also be promoting KBBG membership to its own members.

Miller went on to explain that KBBG members could benefit from many of the services that the KBSA provides, including dispute resolution, legal advice, terms and conditions support and boosting consumer engagement.

Miller said: “This has taken ten years worth of negotiation to get here, but I’m really pleased to announce our exclusive arrangement with the KBSA.

“The KBSA are very relevant, very flexible, and perfect for independent businesses. And a perfect fit with us. We support the front-end of your business by bringing you customers and suppliers, better buying conditions and bonuses, and the KBSA provide support for the back end of retailers’ businesses.”

“When a customer is comparing retailer A with retailer B, being able to say that you’re a KBSA member and you adhere to their code of conduct, that might be enough to tip the balance.”

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