Patent obtained for “market first” stone surface product 

Cladrok product in a silver volcano finish

Two KBB professionals have obtained a patent for a new surface product, comprised of natural stone panels bonded to a watertight tile backing board, which its inventors believe will help solve the problem of unsightly grout lines. 

Cladrok’s product development director, Imad Ferzoli, and his business partner Max Ferzoli, believe that the product is the first of its kind, and has the potential to significantly disrupt the surface market. Cladrok products can reportedly be fitted over existing tiles, which is said to save time and money, whilst also being easy to install and carry compared to other products. 

Imad also says that because of the watertight nature and heat resistance of the product, it is perfect for use as shower panels and splashbacks in kitchens. Cladrok surfaces are available as a large stone panel in 2400mm x 1200mm, weighing a total of 12kg. He said that currently, Cladrok is available in four natural colours, with plans on the way to add at least two more in the near future.  

Cladrok will soon be released to the independent bathroom retail sector, with the company currently in the process of searching for the right bathroom distributor to help develop its presence in the market. 

Asked about what inspired Cladrok, Imad explained: “Cladrok is a large Natural Stone Panel that was born from our passion for natural stone and our long-standing experience in the bathroom and kitchen retail industry. 

“Consumer demand for large format waterproof shower wall covering has been growing for many years, initially with wall shower panels and in recent years with very large format tiles. Cladrok was developed as a product that has a combination of all the above and much more, being a wall panel that is made from natural stone, it is elegant, simple to install, versatile and available to a wide variety of consumers.” 
Imad told kbbreview that the company has also obtained a patent for a matching shower tray, although this is currently still in development. 

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