Häcker to build new factories in Germany

German kitchen manufacturer Häcker has purchased two new plots of land as part of its ongoing expansion plans.

The land, which combined totals 380,000sq m, is close to the company’s head office in Rödinghausen, eastern Westphalia, Germany.

The land will allow for two new factories to be built in order to expand the company’s production capabilities for the coming decades.

The purchasing sum, which was not disclosed, is the “biggest investment” in the history of the company so far.

Häcker currently produces more than 900 bespoke kitchens at its main production site in Rödinghausen, and employs more than 1,450 staff across its four factories. Last year, they generated a turnover of €512 million.

Over the past two years, the company has increased its turnover by €100m and increased its workforce by 300 employees as part of a long-term growth strategy.

“We have already done extremely well over the past few years, and considerably better than the market average,” said Jochen Finkemeier, owner and chief executive of Häcker Kitchens. “This has been possible only due to regular capacity expansion. We have some of the most state-of-the-art production facilities for kitchen furniture at our main site in Rödinghausen; however, once the current construction works have been completed, we will have used the last of the space available for extensions. Our immediate neighbourhood consists of residential areas or land that is unsuitable for our purposes, which limits further growth on the current premises.”

This led the company to consider alternative land close by where new factories could be built. The first plot of land, which measures 165,000sq m, is located to the south close to Hansastrasse. While the second plot, at 215,000sq m, is located in a new industrial park in Venne.

“These two plots of land offer us the space we need for our further growth in the coming decades,” Finkemeier added. “We have invested a high amount into this land, which is also the highest investment our company has ever made. However, with this investment, we wanted to emphasise our commitment to a future in the local region and to our current and future employees, suppliers and customers.”

General manager Dirk Krupka, who is responsible for the technology department, concluded: “We are confident that in the medium term, we will be able to construct new factories on both plots. The current plans include a kitchen furniture production facility and a new prefabrication factory. In both of these areas, we expect the production volumes to significantly increase over the next few years. We cannot meet these volumes simply through work process optimisation at the current Rödinghausen site. We will construct the world’s most modern production facilities for fitted kitchens and will thereby continue to demonstrate our commitment to Germany as a production site.”

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