It’s not easy being green

Mick Evans, at Lakes Showering Spaces, is urging KBB designers and retailers to ensure sustainability remains a top priority. [1-4-2021]

Nikita Pearce

Let’s be more inclusive

The owner of Honest by Design, Nikita Pearce, on why she feels we should be aiming to attract, value, promote and retain more women [23-3-2021]

Sofia Charalambous

Women: A force for change

The joint-owner of Bathroom Origins, Sofia Charalambous, sees lots of talented females in retail but feels women are under-represented in manufacturing and product design. [16-3-2021]

‘Don’t let your insecurities get in the way’

Elizabeth Pantling-Jones, kbbreview100 member and director at Lima Kitchens in Milton Keynes explains why, despite experiencing stereotypical attitudes among clients and industry peers, she believes things are slowly getting better [10-3-2021]