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SPONSORED: To help retailers maximise opportunities and increase sales Insinkerator, market leader and inventor of food waste disposers, has put together this useful guide highlighting the key features and consumer benefits of its extensive portfolio of food waste disposers

According to Insinkerator, its range of food waste disposers are an easy add-on to any sink, furniture or kitchen sale, generating valuable additional turnover for the kitchen specialist.

Not to mention the fact that they are a practical, safe and simple way to dispose of food waste.

However, stigma surrounding food waste disposers on aspects such as safety, noise levels of the appliances and what happens to the food waste particles, means that the UK market has been slow to embrace the concept.

So, taking all of that into consideration, how do you maximise your profit potential by convincing your clients they should include one in their project? Insinkerator has outlined the key features and benefits of its food waste disposers to help you educate your clients and offer them even more added value.

reasons why your customers need an Insinkerator food waste disposer

1 It’s the responsible choice

With many people favouring a more ethical approach, explaining the environmental benefits of products in your showroom could really help boost sales. Insinkerator food waste disposers allow leftovers to be dealt with in a sustainable manner. With an Insinkerator food waste disposer, instead of going to landfill, leftovers are ground into fine particles that are rinsed away safely down the drain to wastewater treatment. What’s more, where there is an anaerobic digester within the sewerage system, the nutrients from the food waste can be recovered and turned into biogas and fertiliser. By reducing the amount of food waste going to landfill sites, the household’s carbon footprint is also reduced.

2 A model to suit all

Insinkerator offers an option to suit every kitchen and every household. The premium Showroom Collection – available exclusively through independent retailers – consists of two models, the Evolution 250, which is ideal for people who entertain regularly, and the Evolution 150 – which is ideal for large families.

3 Safe and easy to use

Insinkerator food waste disposers use an innovative, blade-free grinding system. Food waste is reduced to minute particles using stainless steel grinding rings. Models also feature rubber guards that protect the user when inserting waste into the disposer.

4 Quiet functionality

One of the common myths associated with food waste disposers is that they are loud and noisy. However, the Evolution range features special ultra-quiet technology that makes them quieter to run.

5 Hygienic and clean

According to research, around 20% of all household rubbish is now made up of food waste. Explain to your clients that installing a food waste disposer allows food waste to be dealt with instantly and hygienically. They reduce the need for a food waste bin, which also improves cleanliness and reduces stale odours in the kitchen.

Key features of Insinkerator’s range of food waste disposers

  • Simple and easy to use
  • Completely safe, blade-free operation
  • Powerful yet quiet operation
  • Suitable for all types of sinks, households and kitchen styles
  • Can be retrofitted
  • Leftovers are dealt with instantly and hygienically
  • Minimal cleaning and maintenance required

For more information on Insinkerator’s food waste disposers, please consult your account manager or contact:

T: 01923 375 349

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