Kohler Mira aims to be carbon-neutral by 2035

Bathroom manufacturer Kohler Mira is aiming for its global business to be carbon-neutral by 2035.

The company admitted the target is ‘aggressive’ and global chief executive David Kohler has said he aims to reduce the carbon impact across all aspects of the business from products and production to warehousing and shipping.

Craig Baker, managing director of Kohler Mira UK, told kbbreivew: “By 2035, we want to be carbon-neutral and it is ambitious, but it is something we are passionate about. I am fortunate in joining David’s management meetings four times a year, and it is a real key point that we look at. Also, it is encouraging and refreshing to know that we are making those steps in that direction.”

Water usage, as well as manufacturing and shipping processes, are key to Kohler Mira’s targets. Technical innovations are one way forward that Mira is hoping to change the water usage of its customer by creating products that provide a powerful flow but use less water.

Recently, the Mira Sport Max won the Queen’s Award for Innovation. It combines water and air to create a powerful shower, which customers still demand, but in a way that is said to use less water.

“Even if we see more water scarcity, I can guarantee that the consumer will still demand a powerful shower,” said Baker. “So how can we deliver that performance? Well, you have come to the right place. We love challenges. It is pointless from our perspective if you need to dance around the shower to get wet.”

Mark Bickerstaffe, Kohler’s global faucets director – design, told kbbreview at its recent Components range launch that creating a carbon-neutral business requires a holistic approach that involves looking at the manufacturing process.

Bickerstaffe said: “You have to think about these things holistically, and we are thinking about how we invent the next tap that will be genuinely sustainable before the market is ready for it. Because every tap manufacturer knows that casting metal and plating it in chrome has a lot of toxins and chemicals and uses a lot of heat and energy.

“We are committed to a sustainability plan to have a net zero carbon emissions by 2035 – it is an aggressive target and we invest in it hard.”

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