Bauformat a sustainability partner for kbbreview Retail & Design Awards

Bauformat has signed up to be one of the sustainability partners of the 2020 kbbreview Retail & Design Awards at the Birmingham Metropole hotel on March 2.

We sat down to talk to Bauformat’s export manager, Dirk Kleykens (pictured), about why the brand is supporting the awards.

Q: What do you think makes the kbbreview Retail & Design Awards important to the KBB industry?
A: The kbbreview Retail and Design Awards are very important as they promote the industry and the event itself is a fantastic opportunity for networking and building partnerships. Bauformat is proud to be associated with 2020 kbbreview Retail & Design Awards. Such a prestigious event brings together the best in the industry and helps to promote confidence and positivity in the market.

Q: What was behind Bauformat’s decision to become a sustainability partner at this year’s awards?
A: Bauformat is one of the five biggest kitchen furniture manufacturers in Germany and we consider the UK an extremely important market for us. Being a partner at the awards enables us to promote the Bauformat brand at one of the industry’s most prestigious events, while also supporting the country’s leading retailers, designers and manufacturers.

Q: How does Bauformat work with and support its retailers?
A: At kbb2020, we will be launching ‘The Kitchen Family – Elite Dealership’ scheme, which is designed to incentivise and reward dealers’ commitment by making it easy to display our products in their showrooms. The scheme also provides the retailer with the best possible package, enabling them to secure the deal with the end-user, while maximising their margins. In addition, from January 2020, our customers have been able to pay their invoices to the DZ Bank AG in the UK. Not only is this a more convenient process, it eliminates bank charges and ensures a more stable and favourable exchange rate for our dealers.

Q: In what ways do you think kbbreview benefits the KBB industry?
A: kbbreview is considered to be the most-read trade publication in the KBB industry and, as such, it is an excellent platform to promote our company and maximise brand awareness. The Baumann Group/Bauformat has an excellent working relationship with kbbreview. Our partnership provides us with the opportunity to demonstrate to retailers that we are a loyal company and that we work together with them to grow their business.

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