kbb Birmingham 2020: ‘It’s a really inspiring few days’, says Cosentino

Exhibitor interview: Laura Davie, marketing manager, Cosentino


Q: Why are trade shows such as this one important for your business?

A: We’ve always found kbb to be a great platform to launch new products to leading professionals, such as in 2018 when we launched new colours across our Silestone, Dekton and Sensa by Cosentino brands. The show is a fantastic opportunity to demonstrate a variety of our surfaces in an open and interactive way, and kbb 2020 will be no exception.


Q: Why should retailers come to shows like this? What are the benefits to them?

A: Shows like kbb give retailers the chance to interact and really immerse themselves in brands, while learning about new innovations and the opportunities available to them. It’s a really inspiring few days.


Q: How do you view the health of the UK KBB market? In what ways could it improve and how can the industry improve it?

A: The biggest drivers we are seeing at the moment are the economy and consumer confidence, which are especially affecting kitchen and bathroom retail this year. We can help to improve confidence by working closely with retailers in all areas of sales, from POS to educational materials. We are very proud of our loyalty scheme ‘Cosentino We’ that helps retailers grow their business and reap rewards.


Q: How do you think the relationship between supplier and customer is changing? 

A: With the current buying climate, it’s more important than ever to support retailers and develop tools based on their needs. Our new international digital community Cosentino We offers a range of opportunities for kitchen retailers and designers to grow their businesses, while supporting them with direct leads, better access to information and enhanced ways of experiencing the brands and products.


Q: What are the main challenges you will face as a business this year and how will you overcome these?  

A: Our biggest challenge is to ensure our portfolio of products remains at the forefront of home buyers’ and kitchen designers’ minds when selecting surfaces for their home projects. By developing innovative surfaces and creating tools to help our partners, we can overcome this challenge and continue to inspire people.

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