kbb Birmingham 2020: ‘Being sustainably minded is really important to our customers’, says Fisher and Paykel

Exhibitor interview with product designer: Mark Elmore, general manager, design for Fisher and Paykel


Q: Where do you get your inspiration for new products?

A: We believe that great kitchens are crucial to support our everyday routines, but also to well-being. The kitchen is the centre of family life and a social hub and our design philosophy is rooted in understanding the macro changes that form our different patterns of use.

These insights are translated into design principles and products that improve our lives.

We focus on themes such as sociability, great ergonomics, better nutrition, changing cooking styles and respect for the planet.


Q: What’s the design process?

A: While we gain a lot of insights from our end users, we understand that premium customers typically use a design professional for their new kitchen. We spend a lot of time collaborating with architects and designers on how our products better fit inside their kitchens

They have a real emphasis on quality of materials both inside and outside the product, consistent sizing, seamless integration and design freedom.

They provide the ability to place appliances wherever they need to be placed without fighting the aesthetics of the kitchen


Q: How is the trend for customisation affecting design at Fisher and Paykel?

A: We really enjoy the level of differentiation and personalisation currently available in kitchen design, which is why we have introduced multiple appliance styles, including fully integrated, to support this. When the kitchen design is part of a larger living space, this is especially important – kitchens are more like furniture and appliances need to give the designer freedom to create a beautiful living space.


Q: There has been a focus recently on ‘eco-friendly’ design. Are consumer purchases really driven by these considerations?

A: Being sustainably minded is really important to our customers. For us, this translates into a huge focus on minimising energy, water, detergent consumption without compromising performance. We design for long life and minimising food waste through superior food preservation.


Q: Is there a design from the Fisher and Paykel portfolio that you are most proud of?

A: We are consistently told by our retail and architecture and design partners that we have some of the most beautiful products on the market. Quality, innovation and ease of use are at the forefront of everything for our design team.

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