kbb Birmingham 2020: ‘Inspiration for design is everywhere’, says Falmec

Exhibitor interview with product designer: Danilo Poser, president and head of design of Falmec


Inspiration for design is everywhere – you just need to look at things with sharp eyes and lots of curiosity.

At Falmec, as part of the design process we look at everyday life in the kitchen in order to improve it with our solutions. To me, good design is design that brings real value to everyday life.

We also take into consideration what a new product could add to our offer and how this product could satisfy new needs in terms of design and functionality for the end user.

Technology has had a huge impact on the way we – as designers of kitchen extraction – work.

Thanks to the introduction of new technology, end products of course perform better than before. But, from a design perspective, we also have much more freedom.

In our case, for example, the compact filtering solution called ‘Circle.Tech’ has allowed us to design totally unique and iconic new shapes like, for example, the Spazio concept (pictured).

This multifunctional architectural structure for the kitchen island optimises the space over the worktop with new and innovative options, such as an area for growing plants.

Balancing creativity with com–mercial needs is obviously another key driver behind our designs.

We try to focus on solutions and designs that match trends in terms of shape, finish and functionality.

Our creative ethos is to be as simple as possible to meet commercial needs.

But then, making design simple is arguably the most difficult thing to achieve.

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