V-Zug forges ahead with UK relaunch despite coronavirus uncertainty

Premium Swiss appliance brand V-Zug has said it remains committed to its UK relaunch strategy despite the ongoing worldwide coronavirus pandemic.

The brand – which withdrew its retail operations from the UK and Ireland in May 2018 due to “negative prospects created by Brexit” [http://www.kbbreview.com/12917/topstory/v-zug-exit-uk-market/] – recently announced details of its plans to re-enter the UK and Ireland market, as part of its global growth strategy.

Speaking to kbbreview about the brand’s new UK direction, Alberto Bertoz (pictured right), global managing director of V-Zug, said: “In hindsight, it was obviously a mistake to leave the UK retail market in 2018. The UK and Ireland are significant markets, so we have reviewed that decision and are keen to re-establish the brand’s presence here.

“The way we started the business originally in the UK wasn’t quite right. We didn’t invest enough and, therefore, didn’t have the right set-up for us to succeed. This time round, we are back with a new structure, a new team and are investing in a long-term journey.

“We are back with a new structure that will enable us to lead and support the project and kitchen channels, alongside the already established service network. We also plan to establish a Zugorama showroom in London to help strengthen our presence in the market and give the UK team and our retail partners the support they need.”

V-Zug UK will be headed up by managing director David Knight, who was keen to reassure the market that, despite the continuing global coronavirus situation, it would continue to rebuild its presence in the UK.

“As you’d expect from a prudent Swiss-led business, we have a robust financial contingency plan that ensures the business locally and globally will manage through this business jolt. We have built additional stock, our production is still running and we are fulfilling all orders.

“Our service network is still available, but is limited to priority products focused on cooling and cooking. Service is virtual from a sales/marketing and training perspective and we are home-office working. We are actively recruiting, continuing with our brand-building in the UK and looking to inspire retailers and consumers with social media content.

“The big factor for me is about building and regaining trust. I have a five-year plan for the brand in the UK. We are looking to establish ourselves here for the long-term, work with premium kitchen retailers as well as build our presence in the projects market.”


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