What is the Close To Home initiative?

We’re launching a new consumer campaign to boost the awareness of independent kbb retailers to consumers setting out on their journey to the dream kitchen, bedroom or bathroom, but what is it and why are we doing it? Andrew Davies explains…

For clients, setting out on the journey that will bring them the kitchen, bedroom or bathroom of their dreams is the beginning of one of the biggest investments they will ever make in their home.

And that investment is not just financial, they pour their emotions and aspirations into making their home everything they want it to be and know they deserve.

Independent kbb retailers like you understand that better than anyone, you’re the ones who channel those emotions and gut feelings into real creative ideas, you’re the ones that really get to know them and understand not just what they want, but also what they didn’t know they needed.

You are designers, yes, but you are also mind-readers, counsellors, confidants and miracle-workers.

For 30 years, Kitchens Bedrooms & Bathrooms magazine has been here, inspiring and educating readers with the latest trends, creative ideas and practical guides to start them off on that journey. We give them a peek into the actual homes of those at the end of the ride and show them that the vague dream in their head really can become a reality.

But there is another reality right now that we can’t avoid – because of everything that’s happened in the last six months or so, those dreamers are probably just a little more cautious about making that investment

So we thought it was about time we did our part and not only inspire their dream but also help them find the people that can make the dream come true – and that’s you.

The Close To Home initiative is about showing consumers that all the expertise they need is right on their doorstep.

We are promoting the expertise, personal service and community knowledge of their local independent retailer to consumers actively engaged in the early research stages of a kitchen, bedroom or bathroom project.

This will be done through all the print, digital and social media channels of the UK’s best selling consumer magazine for this sector – Kitchens Bedrooms & Bathrooms.

There’s plenty of activity lined up over the next few months and we’re basing the campaign around these key messages that hammer home the message about expertise…

  • Only experts can truly realise your dream kitchen/bedroom/bathroom.
  • Only experts will spend the time to get to know you and truly understand what you need.
  • Only experts will suggest ideas that you would never have thought of.
  • Only experts can manage your project to make it as hassle-free as possible.
  • Only experts will have full portfolios of all the projects they’ve done before
  • Only experts will guide you through touching and feeling all the products at your leisure
  • Only experts will give you independent advice on the best brands, products and designs for you
  • Only experts will mean you have a direct relationship with the skilled designer creating your dream
  • Only experts can tap into decades of experience and knowledge for you benefit
  • Only experts can offer true value for money, whatever your budget

This is just the next natural step on from all the activity we’ve been doing since the lockdown began to support, inform, entertain and inspire the kbb industry – but up until now it has been very business-to-business focused.

We’ve done 30 or so episodes of The kbbreview Podcast, broke some massive news stories, held the Lockdown Lighthouse design contest, did the first major research on consumers’ willingness to carry on with KBB projects and, of course, launched the Save Our Skills campaign.

But now we’re expanding to support the retailers directly, I hope you join us in playing your part. The more that get involved, the more impact this campaign will have.

You can start by downloading the artwork pack from the website. You’ll find logos you can use on your social media, websites and even print posters. We’ll be adding to this as we go so if there’s anything specific you need just let us know.

The biggest difference I’ve noticed through this crisis compared to others is a palpable feeling of all being in it together, we are united against a common unseen enemy and by staying positive, using experience, knowledge and skills wisely, and speaking with one voice we have a very powerful shield to use against the slings and arrows of an economic battle.


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