KBBG offers exclusive deal on virtual showroom tours

The Kitchen Bathroom Buying Group (KBBG), part of Der Kreis, has signed an exclusive deal to help its members create a virtual tour of their showrooms at a discount price through Virtual 360 Tours Glos.

Virtual 360 Tours Glos enables retailers to create an easy-to-navigate tour by photographing the showroom from all angles. Customers will be able to walk through and explore displays without having to go physically to the showroom.

The tours can be used on social media or via Google Earth to reach more customers. Integrating a tour can help with increasing visitor session duration on the website as a customer is more likely to stay on the site if a tour is available.

KBBG managing director Bill Miller said: “We constantly seek opportunities to support our members in any way we can. With everybody adjusting to the ‘new normal’, we want to help our members adapt their businesses, including the new shopping habits of consumers.

“According to Virtual 360 Tours Glos, on average, people will spend between six and eight times longer engaging on a website’s landing page when a tour is included. We therefore encourage our members to consider a virtual tour and take advantage of this exciting offer that is exclusive to the KBBG.”

Holly Funnell, head of marketing at Virtual 360 Tours Glos, said: “Our Virtual 360 Tours are helping showrooms adapt to their ‘new normal’, while supporting their digital transformation. Our additional services include a personalised marketing plan to help every showroom maximise their opportunities and enhance their online presence.”

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