The kbbreview Podcast: Facebooks ads for KBB retailers

Welcome to the kbbreview Podcast, your host as always is Andy Davies and this is Episode Three of Season Eight.

And we’re very pleased to say we have another in our not-particularly-organised series on digital marketing for kitchen and bathroom independent retailers.

So we have the return of Josh Delane from The Wood Works and we know how many of you have found his insight and very practical advice really valuable so yes, he’s back!

Last time (and you can find links to all the relevant episodes below) we were talking about how to make the most of Google Ads and this time we’re doing the natural partner of that…Facebook Ads.

Loads of you probably do them already but Josh has, again, very practical ways of making them work and really drive leads to you, and also how to measure those results and take subsequent action.

And Josh, as always, uses his own kitchen business as the example so it’s about as relevant as it gets.

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