Coram Showers replaces plastic shower trays with stone resin

Coram Showers has announced that it will be replacing its plastic shower tray products with more sustainable, higher-performance stone resin alternatives.

Coram says that the stone resin material is not only more sustainable, but also more durable than plastic (GRP).

Alongside these benefits, the new manufacturing process is also able to create shower trays that are scratch-, crack- and stain resistant, while remaining easy to clean.

The new stone resin trays are available in several options, including flat top, quad, offset, and upstanding configurations.

Managing director of Coram Showers, Steve Huntly, said: “We are pleased to announce this upgrade to our shower tray offering, which will benefit customers and enhance our commitment to sustainability. We know that our customers want substantial, hard-wearing shower trays, which are attractive and of excellent quality. Switching to stone resin manufacture will ensure that customers can continue to choose the Coram Showers’ trays which they know and love, with some additional advantages.” 

Coram Showers is part of the Coram Group, which includes several KBB brands, including Impey, Sealskin UK, Geesa and Tiger. Last year, Coram Group announced it had appointed Peter Huizing to be its new chief officer.

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