Whirlpool UK to focus on growing heat pump dryer market


Whirlpool UK has discussed its plans to continue developing appliances with a focus on energy efficiency, as energy costs remain a priority for UK consumers.

Speaking at Whirlpool Corporation’s UK headquarters in Peterborough, a spokesperson for the brand said: “We’re doing a lot to grow our offering. Heat pump technology is amazing, and it’s so much better for your clothes, and there’s more awareness with consumers now that the energy crisis has accelerated the growth of the heat pump.

“Condenser and vented dryers are very inefficient to run, and more consumers are making the switch to energy efficient heat pump models.

“It’s all about efficiency and helping our consumers to save on their energy bills. Heat pump dryers can take longer to dry laundry than vented and condenser models, so it can take some time to get used to the technology, but they’re much more efficient to run and the lower temperatures mean they’re gentle on clothes. For example, our Supreme Silence heat pump dryer uses just 49.2 pence per cycle (saving calculated by Youreko), while a condenser can cost on average £1.60 per cycle.

“The market for heat pumps is huge. If we look at the market size in Europe, heat pump dryers are much more common. Whereas in the UK, we are seeing it grow, but not as fast. It’s down to us, as manufacturers, to drive education about efficiency and raise awareness. We’re working to educate consumers on the benefits of owning a heat pump dryer to help them save on their energy bills.”

Whirlpool corporation also said that it plans to add new heat pump models to its Indesit and Hotpoint ranges this winter, to help consumers have easier access to the technology at lower prices.

Earlier this year, Whirlpool’s financial results for Q2 2023 revealed that the brand’s financial earnings were up compared with the previous quarter, and also announced that it had passed a milestone 850,000 appliances recycled at its Peterborough site.

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