Case study: Elegant innovation

How Clive Christian Furniture in Weybridge created a spectacular kitchen space for a family to congregate complete with signature cabinetry and unique backsplash technology

Blending opulent style with modern innovation isn’t easy, but it was a challenge accepted by Clive Christian Furniture, who successfully created an extraordinary black walnut Metro Deco kitchen space for a Buckinghamshire-based family to enjoy. With symmetry at its core, the space combined specialised storage integration with an effortlessly refined and polished aesthetic, complete with ambient lighting and ultra-modern technology.

In signature Clive Christian Furniture style, the artisan-made Clive Christian Furniture cabinetry creates the perfect foundation for the family kitchen space. The cabinetry is made all the more refined by the black walnut aesthetics and specialised inlaid steel, which frames the cabinet blocks, doors and shelving for an overall balanced and symmetrical look. Meanwhile, the Silestone worktops provide the perfect finishing touch and contrast.

Sitting at the centre of the large room is a stunning kitchen island feature, designed and installed to add a further sense of balance to the space, while providing ample room for the entire family to eat, drink and socialise. Its carefully thought-out positioning means that all appliances are also conveniently located within easy reach from the kitchen’s main seating area.

Sports fan

Since the client is a huge sports fan, special attention was given to incorporating a TV into the kitchen to allow the family to watch their favourite sports shows without compromising on the kitchen’s aesthetics. In response to this request, Clive Christian Furniture created an ingenious backsplash installation. 

To the naked eye, the backsplash feature appears to be a simple mirror, which not only serves as an elegant sink backdrop but also brings together the wider room and creates the illusion of additional space. When switched on, the feature then transforms into a functional television to allow the family to watch and enjoy their favourite sports and TV shows before and after dinner. 

To enable this feature to function, a downward extractor was installed underneath the kitchen to ensure the view was not obstructed.

Integrated into the design are appliances by SubZero Wolf and an energy-efficient boiling water tap by Quooker, both of which complement the fine materials and elegant colour scheme present throughout the kitchen. 

Another standout feature is the beautiful double French doors, which open out to the home’s stunning garden area and swimming pool. Not only do the doors harmonise with the rest of the design, but they also bring elements of the outside in. When the sun is shining, the mirrored TV backsplash perfectly reflects glimmers of the pool water’s reflection, creating a relaxing and tranquil feel throughout the entire space.

Installer comments

When we arrived to install the kitchen and utility room, the rooms had already been cleared in preparation. The client had successfully sold the kitchen cabinets and appliances that they’d inherited with the house, through the Used Kitchen Exchange, who are a sustainable partner of the brand. We needed access through the concrete floor for the island’s downdraft extractor and fortunately there was a false ceiling in the home cinema directly below, which made the task of venting to the outside much easier. The new cabinets went in without a hitch, and the Silestone worktops and bespoke mirror TV were templated and installed without holding up the completion. It was a pleasure working with such appreciative and kind customers.

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