Inventor to unveil ‘revolutionary’ vertical bathroom product suite

An inventor from Harrogate is about to release what he believes is the world’s first full-service vertical bathroom product.

The product is the creation of designer Paul Hernon, founder and owner of Design Odyssey. It includes a toilet, basin, shower and storage space, each of which can be rotated around a single vertical unit.

The product is called Vertebrae and is set to be launched to the public during next month’s Homebuilding and Renovation Show in Harrogate on November 3-5.

Inspired by space-saving architecture, Hernon reportedly had the idea for Vertebrae over 20 years ago, while studying as an industrial designer. He says he wanted to create a new bathroom solution that would be economical on space while still retaining functionality.

Hernon continuously developed prototypes and installed a fully working unit in his house in 2020, to prove out the design, plumbing and engineering.  After securing a grant from The Royal Academy of Engineering, he has now taken the product to manufacture.

Hernon believes that Vertebrae could revolutionise the future of the bathroom industry. Speaking exclusively to kbbreview, he said: “I think it really will make manufacturers look at the products they’re designing currently. I am absolutely not knocking what they do – there have been plenty of developments over the years – but when you look at what a bathroom is in people’s minds, I think this really blows that wide open.

“I think the design will certainly cause a bit of debate – hopefully some good debate, and also maybe spur them on.

“I supply all the plumbing for it, so all of that is already done, so outside of a plumber making a connection with a drain, everything is already inside the system and comes with the product. I’m trying to make it as plug-and-play as possible.”

Following the product’s launch next month, Hernon says the product will be ready to distribute to its first customers. Down the line, he also has plans to design different colour options for the Vertebrae if it proves to be commercially successful.

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