Moores holds awards to celebrate long-time employees

Kitchen manufacturer Moores recently hosted its annual internal awards, which celebrated the achievements of its longest-serving members of staff.

The team members being recognised for their commitment to the company were invited for a lunch, hosted by Moores chief executive Michael Barrett. Following the meal, there was a ceremony to celebrate its long-standing team members, which honoured their achievements by presenting them with a certificate. When tallied up, the combined years of service of its award-winners totalled 990 years.

Moores reports that 27% of its entire workforce has been with the company for over 20 years. One specific employee was also celebrated for being with the company for over 45 years in total.

According to the company, it is a top employer in Yorkshire, and as a result, it has grown to be a multigenerational business, with many employees coming from the same local families.

Barrett added: “Our people are a huge part of what make us great and we’re incredibly lucky to have so many that have been with us for so long. Congratulations and of course, thank you, to all of our long service members.”

Recently, Moores also announced it had added six new fuel-saving vehicles to its company fleet.

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