New vehicles drive Moores sustainability goals forward

British kitchen manufacturer Moores has added six new fuel-saving vehicles to its company fleet.

Moores says that its vehicles are now 100% compliant to Euro-6 fuel emission standards, and that the new vehicles are 20% more fuel efficient than older models.

Additionally, the new vehicles have helped to reduce the company’s carbon footprint by 195 tonnes across the entire fleet, according to the manufacturer.

Moores says that thanks to its sustainability efforts, the company has managed to reduce its carbon footprint by 395 tonnes of Co2 per year, which is said to be the equivalent to the amount of Co2 that 15,200 trees would remove from the atmosphere.

According to the manufacturer, it will continue to position sustainability as “a core fundamental start of [its] long-term business strategy”, as it looks to future developments.

Commenting on the new fuel-saving vehicles on LinkedIn, Moores’ operations and supply chain director Guy Tooth said that the brand is on a mission to reduce its impact on the planet. “Transport is always going to be a game of incremental gains, but here is an example of a few the team have been focusing on delivering!”

In addition to its sustainability achievements, Moores is also a major supporter of local charities. In October last year, the manufacturer donated a complete kitchen to Yorkshire Cancer Research and also donated another full kitchen to a local sports club, in May.

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