‘Sales are baloney and should be banned,’ claims retailer

Steve Tyler, owner of 3d Kitchens in Halesowen, has claimed retailers who offer sales are lying to their customers and that the practice should be banned.

“Whether it’s a 30% sale or a 50% sale – it’s a lie,” Tyler (pictured) told kbbreview. “It should be against the law, and I’ve spoken to my MP about it. I don’t know why Trading Standards allows it. They let them get away with it and it should be outlawed.

“There’s no such thing as a sale,” he continued. “I’ve been in the kitchen industry for 30 years and worked for most companies. They have a sale, but they’ve never ever sold a kitchen at full price. It’s baloney. They double the price and give you 50% off. They’re duping the public, whereas we have no need for pressure-selling techniques, fictitious sales offers and so-called giveaways.”

Tyler combines his showroom business with e-commerce arm 3dkitchens.co.uk, which he insists is the “largest dedicated kitchen website in the UK”.

Around 10% of the company’s kitchen transactions are via the online channel. However, 3d operates a strict “one price policy”, whether customers are buying online or in the showroom, and never offers a sale.

Tyler’s new showroom also includes a window display featuring several white cabinets of similar build that he’s sourced from competing companies such as Howdens, Wren, B&Q, Wickes and Magnet. Each is marked with the name of the retailer, so the customer can make a comparison on price and quality. He’s put the same comparison on his website.

“I’ve done them like-for-like,” he says. “Our white cabinet is made in our factory, it’s got a 2mm PVC edge and an 18mm solid back, glued and dowelled. We do it in 104 colours. It’s a white J handle door. The rest are flat-packs. I’ve got all the receipts in a folder. I can beat them on price. But never mind the price, I can beat them on quality.”

  • For the full interview with Steve Tyler, see the January issue of kbbreview
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