TKET to tackle widening skills gap with Fiesta

The Kitchen Education Trust (TKET) is working with Fiesta, the newly-formed training body, to tackle the widening skills gap.

At the Furniture Makers’ Bridging the Gap conference last month, TKET chairman Craig Matson gave a presentation focused on the need for better training and education within the kitchen industry.

He said: “This is a rare opportunity for the industry to come together with a common goal, to ensure recognizable educational qualifications at every level.”

Fiesta will be an employer-led forum where all parties can get involved with, discuss and participate in issues relating to education training and skills for all ages and sizes of businesses.

Craig Matson
Craig Matson

The aim is to avoid duplication of resources and facilitate access to high quality education and access to skills training, as well as simplify the process in order for the industry to make the best use of the new government initiative on apprenticeships.

Acting Kbsa chief executive and consultant Uwe Hanneck, added: “We are delighted to be part of this important initiative. We have developed a deep and special relationship with TKET and are working with them, KBB NTG and others to help realise our aim of better education and training for our industry.”

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