Brits doing too many washes, says Hoover

The average Brit carries out an additional 135 washes every year because of limited washing machine capacity, new research has revealed.

A consumer survey of 1,000 UK households, carried out by Censuswide on behalf of kitchen appliance manufacturer Hoover, found that more than three-quarters put on extra wash loads to separate colours and whites. This is because 35% of experienced colours running in the wash.

Steve Macdonald, marketing director of Hoover’s freestanding division, said: “Limited capacity and coloured clothes are costing us dearly when it comes to time spent doing our laundry each week.

“This survey highlights what we long suspected, that an awful lot of time could be saved if we had machines that could accommodate more clothes, and could wash colours and whites together in one load.”

Hoover Household Report 2015
Hoover Household Report 2015
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