Miele doubles media spend with new autumn TV ad campaign

German appliance manufacturer Miele has announced its ‘Quality Ahead of its Time’  TV advertising campaign to run this autumn.

The campaign is said to double its media spend for 2021 and quadruple its spending in previous years.

Scheduled to air from October 8 to November 26, the national TV campaign will run on channels such as Channel 4, Sky and ITV and will be supported by on-demand platforms such as ITV Hub, Sky and Channel 4 On Demand. The campaign will also make use of YouTube and Facebook.

This heavyweight campaign has already debuted on digital platforms earlier this year, with its first phase achieving more than 71 million impressions online.

The TV campaign is intended to drive awareness of, and desire for, the brand’s premium products and focuses on its core values of craftsmanship, performance and sustainability.

For the new TV campaign, Miele worked with renowned creative director Dan Tobin Smith to produce its photographic content.

It centres around Miele’s 120-year heritage in building high-quality, premium appliances, most of which the company says are designed to last for 20 years.

To achieve this, Miele uses its own machines to make its products and even forges its own iron to make its own parts. Miele says that clothes are washed more gently in its washing machines and so last longer, its dishwashers are designed to help glassware keep its brilliance and its appliances are said to use less energy and water, helping consumers to save money.

Commenting on the campaign, Miele GB marketing director Helen Pyman said: “Our modelling and research shows that TV is still the most effective medium to drive brand awareness for Miele in the UK. This fourth-quarter campaign more than doubles our media investment for 2021 which is quadruple the spend in previous years.  The new ‘Quality Ahead of its Time’ TV ad, supported by in-store point-of-sale, will allow for effective reach and frequency to provide the foundations to deliver measurable market share growth, benefiting our retail partners.”

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